Nick Dean Full-Stack Web Developer

Money-In-Sight website

My Expertise

Full-Stack Web Developer based in Denver, Colorado.


Athough not my main focus, I have used fundamental technologies throughout my applications to bring style to the end user.


Focusing on the MERN stack (Mongo, Express, React, and NodeJS), these technologies have been essential in creating applications that create an inpact for the end user.


From Testing to development flow, the tools we use are essential in completing the work on time.

Featured Projects

Money-In-Sight website


  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • React
  • NodeJS

Full-Stack Web Application using MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS

Check it out on github
client-a-roo website


  • NodeJS
  • Creating a RESTful API
  • MongoDB
  • Mocha/Chai

Client Management Application that lets you track a list of clients. Built using NodeJs, MongoDB, and testing with Mocha/Chai.

Check it out on github
eventaroo website


  • Implementing an API
  • NodeJS
  • CSS
  • HTML

A small API project that pulls events from the Event-brite API and shows events near a specific GPS location. Can also filter by different items. Built using NodeJS, and fetch requests.

Check out the live site